iPad + Anushri Drum Machine = Yes! -NEW VERSION-

Using the Midi Designer app I made a template to manually play or program the Anushri Drum Machine with an iPad. This template makes it easy to program beats x0x style, manually hit each drum, and has all of the extra controls over the sound of the three drums parts separately available only over cc… It’s not perfect, the 16 steps below each drum used to activate/deactivate a drum hit are actually redundant but can be used as makers to visualize the beat. What this means is you could quickly have steps lit up under drum parts that don’t actually belong there if you don’t hit the buttons in the right order but it’s easy to use once you get it, you just have to start with a blank pattern.

Big Update to this iPad Layout for the drum machine!
*A clear button for each drum part, clears the corresponding drum part visually too. This is a big one for me!
*BD/SN/HH Radio buttons always has the last one lit so you know what drum you used last, making it easy not to put steps in the wrong row. (With New Feature Second Press)
*Added an XY Page with pads for pitch and decay for each drum part.
*XY Page also has duplicated some controls from the Drum “page” of the Anushri Synth to control tone and the generative Drum Pattern Map.
*Added a Synth Page to play the synth when not connected to keys. Its a beehive looking thing with Modulation Wheel and Pitch Bend.
*Duplicated the controls for the 2nd LFO, available via Mod Wheel.

Its available here:
or i can email it to you if interested.



I have an iPad 1 and midi cable, looking forward to testing this since I was looking for a solution to extract all the drum goodness out of my Anushri