iOS App Trigger Box & Anushri & DIY amplifier


There is a new app Trigger Box which “Generate rhythmical patterns and send trigger/gate signals to your analog synthesizers” and The signals generated by the app are at about 0.5V so they may have to be amplified to trigger a synthesizer according the description. So you need patch iOS device audio jack to your modular synth.

Can this drive Anushri from one of its “Gate In” socket with 5v that it produce ?

Can App signals be amplified by such simple DIY LM386 project

Experimental questions :slight_smile:

Well only one way to find out :slight_smile:
I’ve tried it with the modular and as expected it doesn’t work “out of the box”.

Anushri’s inputs start detecting a signal at about 2/3 of the supply voltage, which is 5V (hence: 3.3V).

So 0.5V is certainly not enough.

There are many ways of going from a 0.5V to a 5V pulse; but an AC-coupled audio amplifier is not one of them :slight_smile:

@pichenettes I told you They are experimental questions :slight_smile:

According to one of its user ; it works well with Circuit Abbey Invy but this is much more than I need to experiment :slight_smile:

Is there any simpler DIY schematics that somebody know and point me to it ? :slight_smile:

actually if you have a computer I would say the this app is not really worth messing with. but of course for the sake of experimentation it would be interesting… :slight_smile:

I need a Eurorack iPhone dock!

yes somebody should make that! :smiley:
but then somebody should also make some apps so one can use it in a meaningful way

Well, I could think of a module for Sound/cv i/o to/from an iOS device. Sort of a breakout module.

The usual midi out over usb plus the audio out…

I am just mumbling what I can think of.

We could then interphase with Midi over wifi to modular too.

For CV/Gate output, this little thing will be available in a few days.

Yep, the CV pal works really well with the iPad.
Unfortunately apps like Trigger Box haven’t really considered adding MIDI. But you could probably build the same thing in Lemur or PD

The CVpal definitely needs a special iOS app!

Never thought of my CVPal + iPad…I just thought it was an OSX only affair.

Will try.

it’s class compliant, so it will run on anything.

Yeah, the class compliant way…

well except on windows… or better it will run on windows but you’ll have to deal with jitter and latency. It works great on linux too though.