Invincible Shruthi?

So my powercord has been acting strange so I decided to check it with my multimeter.

Turns out I’ve been using my LP2 shruthi-1 with a 16-17v PSU for about 6 month.
No wonder why some part in this little thing thing would get so hot…

I need to get a 9v now… I don’t want to plug it in this grey “9v” PSU anymore.


Your Meter needs new Batteries - if t it really would have been 15V your LT1054 would have died instantly….

Did you measure the 16/17v when the PSU delivers current to your shruthi or unplugged ?
The voltage can be higher in the latter case.

Thanks for your hindsight!

I’ll actually try to get a better multimeter, the one I have is the cheapest nexxtech thing ever. The battery might also explein why I just CAN’T read certain PSU I have.

I checked it unplugged!

Your PSU is probably unregulated hence the funny reading.

It also probably works ok, it´s just how unregulated PSU´s work.

yeah Mutable Instruments are really invincible! i remember having the old one Shruti without H plugged in an old tube radio in a caravan. i had it in a cardboard box with aluminium frontpanel wirestrapped to it. when i tuched the panel i could feel a little suspicious tickling in the finger tips (it had its own internal transformer, was all properly earthed, Schutzklasse 1. the energy on ground was produced by the radio).
a few minutes later the radio fell from the little cupboard due to cable salad and sparked around on the floor and finally died. the Shruti was totally unaffected. i know, off topic, derailed, just a little anecdote

Actually, I found a new PSU but I have another problem, and it is not a “constant” problem.

The Shruthi loose power sometime, and it’s somewhat related to the PSU plug and/or the AUDIO JACK.

It feels like a ground problem or something cause when I move either the psu plug OR audio in/out jack the shruthi randomly loose power and reset. Does that ring a bell to anyone? any advice?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sounds like a loose connection on the PSU plug to me, since plugging in something into the Audio jacks puts a certain stress on the PCB, that could then move the PSU female jack case against the plexi case, thereby loosing connection…

Well I acutally resoldered it twice now. Maybe changing the actual female connector?

It could be that your plug is to big. There are 2.1 mm and 2.5 mm plugs. The 2.5 will work but behave in the way you describe.

FIXED! Combination of a weak psu plug and a bit loose PSU. I’m glad I have this back and running!