Introduce myself

Hi Folks,
I was looking for a thread for that, didn’t find anything, so this one seems to be the appropiate section:

I stumbled (somehow ebay as far as I recall) over the shruthi a while ago, started digging ito it, and now I am planning to get one, since it offers fun digging in electronics and microcontrollers, firmware programming and MUSIC, all things that I like to do a lot (as far as my free time permits). An of course an idea like that forks half a dozen new ideas “how I would do it differently when I would do it from scratch myself” and “maybe some ideas to reuse that atmega 128 board somewhere in the a box”, but I will start to learn and explore shruthi by building a bone stock one.

My history in synth reaches quite a while back (and my start with electronics soldering stuff with 74xx logic), I started fiddeling with my brothers moog prodigy and roland jx3p, owned a crumar bit one, was drooling over the elektor formant manual and plans at the time. And then got out of keyboard business for the next 25 years.

Got back now with a DAW and desktop recording, bought some pieces of midi expanders (EMU Morpheus, Roland XV) and a Roland JX305 “goovebox synth” to play around with, and still I look back at the moog prodigy where I learned what VCO , VCF and VCAs are doing. Sample libraries and waveforms are great to mimic other instruments, but I miss the direct access to controls and the inspiration and ease to create original sounds, thats where I hope the shruthi will give me new inspiration :slight_smile:

looking forward to a lot of fun and inspiration,
Jesus on dope

Hello and welcome on board !

best user name evar! :slight_smile: