Intermittent loss of sound [SOLVED]

MIDIpal will keep my x0x’s sequencer going but for some reason sometimes Ambika just won’t play the notes, it will show on voice card LEDs. simply unplugging my Ambika will make it work again, but come on, nobody wants to do that in a show. Ambika firmware? MIDIpal firmware? I don’t really understand the midi input filter under the preferences page, if that could help or hinder. Also, after I’ve been using the MIDIpal, some notes on my axiom will only make the Ambika LED’s light up but will not play sound. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, just no sound on some keys.

Check that the data is not sent to unpopulated voicecards. Check that you are not hitting the polyphony limit. Check that there is no CC sent somewhere upstream that would alter the volume, or polyphony mode.

I’ll do that when I get home, thanks

alrighty, it’s a dead voice card. I’m super drunk so i’ll do the real work tomorrow. thanks for guiding me

It’s the atmega 32. I just tried one from another card and it worked like a charm. and put the dud one into a “working” card with not success. anything I can do?

Reinstall the firmware on it?

Ah, I almost got a programmer a while ago, are there ones I should be looking out for or avoiding? This is kind of exciting for me as I get to be a bit more independent in the future. Thanks

You could maybe start by trying the firmware upgrade procedure without buying a programmer :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton, firmware update worked like a charm. Back to 6 voice polyphony!