Interlaken - New Ways To Bend Old Doors (100% MI)

Cross-posting, but seems more relevant here…

Wanted to share a new (recent) track that was featured on a “local” record store’s Black Friday cassette compilation (long gone; ltd to ~100).

The entire track is 100% Mutable Instruments.

Modules used:

Braids, Ripples, Peaks, Branches, Rings, Clouds, Elements, Kinks, Links, Shades, Ears

“Sequencing” via O&C.

Typically, I will record in one take to 2 track stereo. This time, I recorded several short pieces individually without listening back to the previous pieces while introducing various minor/major patch changes across each successive recording. The 8 or so tracks were then layered, edited and mixed down to 2 track stereo.

Hope you enjoy!


Always a pleasure to hear some new tunes from new!

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Nevermind, I need more coffee. I forgot that Ripples is the VCF. Duh.

Really lush and beautiful. :cupid: