Interesting Ambika Bug: Hi Rez Velocity affects ENV3 release

I was getting random changes of ENV 3 Release time when playing my Ambika directly connected to an Infinite Response VAX77; This MIDI controller transmits Release Velocity, but that parameter was toggled OFF. The random change in ENV 3 RELE occurred during note ONs. The VAX77 is capable of transmitting High Resolution MIDI Velocity CC#88 messages (15,000+ velocity values vs the usual 0-127, software such as Pianoteq can respond to it). When I turned off Hi Rez Velocity, the Ambika started working normally again.

FYI to anyone with an extra-fancy MIDI controller.

How is that a bug? The MIDI implementation chart says that CC#88 is mapped to release time - so everything behaves as expected.

The problem with making a synth editable by CC is that the higher the number of parameters, the higher the risk of collision with a CC that someone will have assigned some special meaning to.

Conflict, then? Anyway, it drove me nuts for a couple of days until I figured it out with the help of my esteemed trusted builder. CC#88 is a relatively newer update to the MIDI spec so this may happen with greater frequency, but the workaround is simple.

One other thing to think about (and worth checking out) since you have some high end performance features on your controller: Any time you have anything “high resolution”, it will mean that it is using more than one CC number like a NRPN to send a MSB and LSB pair so in this case it’s sending on CC88 and something else and that “something else” may also cause issues if it overlaps the GM CC assignments

The something else is the velocity bit of a note message.

Ah, good point…