Intellijel is putting out a new board

Later this evening I asked Intellijel’s support for powering my new system.

Scott Riesterer answered and he was very instructive.

At some point I told him that I “Also noticed that they’re (TPS30W and TPS80W) out of stock for a long time now. Will they be back? Or maybe we ‘re expecting something new?”

His answer was this:

“The lack of stock that you noticed is due to a redesign that we’re working on. It should be available in January and I believe the plan is for it to replace the TPS30W and TPS80W…”

He told me that they’re gonna be even more silent and when I asked him if this is gonna be a switching or linear PSU he said that he’s “pretty sure it will still be a switching power supply.”

Great News Intellijel!!

I’ve got 13U powered by three Intellijel boards. Really like them and never had noise issues until recently. Still working on what change of modules suddenly made things not play together nicely (high pitched whine). Might be upgrading when the new ones come along!

Also, isn’t linear supposed to be better than switching when it comes to noise? I think I read somewhere that the supply is switching but then the board converts to linear. I’d like to learn more about this as it’s all over my head.

I’m about to build and power a 12U168HP case. Having read many posts and reviews about power supplies l came to the conclusion that you can never be sure. At least for the reasonably priced ones. Think that Intellijel psu’s is the most compact and reliable solution for that kind of money. Even if they’re switching. I think I’ll use 4 TPS30W MAX. Any suggestions?

more silent huh… now that’s some advertising.

What do you mean

I wish they would use shrouded headers. It pains me whenever I read hear about people who put the power on upside down and ruined their doepfer module.

Their newer bus boards do have shrouded headers. I was pleasantly surprised when I had another case last year.