Intel´s Arduino compatible Galileo

Which problem would this solve, for music applications, that can’t be solved by a laptop?

Probably easier to get a technology grant. :slight_smile:

Is there any microcontroller that is as powerful as e.g. an raspberry pi, but doesn’t need to boot up and run an operation system on it? I mean what’s if you want to create powerful effects? Is the only alternative a dsp chip? Evaluationboards for dsps like the blackfin are so expensive.

On the high-end side of things, for the kind of applications we’re interested in, DSPs are where the party’s at. The concerns we have expressed about development tools is of little interests to most professionals.

And technically you dont need to run an OS on a pi:

Technically, you don’t need to run an OS on your desktop…

Dont ask me about making a programmer in blue 19" 3 HE with red LEDs and Toggle switches for your i7, please…

No, let’s make a programmer in blue 19" 3HE using an i7 to control something interesting instead!

can we run windows on the blue 19" 3 HE programmer?

It could run OSX, Windows or Linux as we saw fit. Combine that with some touchscreen lurv, a few encoders, post, sliders, Burtons and joysticks… I was thinking of some hardware SoundDiver without the “quirky” 4-pixel button UI - The MuffDiver™


I like ATMEL Chips for my DIY Synth Project Its easy for programming in C and assembler. Tools for pramming are freeware (ATMEL Studio). My ATMEL chip is soldered to a breakout board.

For a synth task i have 100 percent of cpu resources in my ATMEL MCU (XMEGA128AU 32MHz). It is not disturbed by another task. In a Linux System i have not 100 percent of system resources free and soundout is a lot of distrurbed task. Look at here: " Raspberry PI: Soundqualität des analogen Ausgangs":

Greetings from Germany

@flocked, there are for example things like this , it’s about 1/5 of the clock speed of the PI but it has all the I/O ports that the PI doesn’t…

Or you could just use the Sonic Potions LXR ProzBoard, i guess Julian would be pleased to provide one if needed…

@fcd72, interesting, thanks for the tip!
I already got me one of these though, I’ll start there and see where it takes me… :slight_smile:

the difference is, if olimex decides to eol this thing your design is in troubele, the LXR is open source…

Oh, I’m not going to design anything in particular, just tinker a bit with ARM microcontrollers…

( I’ll let you know if/when whatever-I-build needs a programmer, promise! :wink: )

I can recommend the STM32F4-Discovery. It has an audio dac included, microphone, accelerometer etc. and costs only 16 Euro :slight_smile: As far as I know Julian (Sonic Potions) used it for prototyping.
But you can’t use it for selling products that’s inter alia why he created it’s own board.

That seems to be a cool board! :slight_smile:

There is a also a little brother which is used in this book that I’m currently reading… it seems like a pretty good introduction to STM32 MCUs. :slight_smile:

> Would love to have something that powerful that runs a bare-bone RTOS instead, without all the “internet of things” junk.

What, you don’t want a WiFi-enabled Shruthi that can call the mothership (Mutable Instruments) to automatically download new patches that are uploaded to the forum? Or perhaps send status updates to your fellow musicians? Or even send your user stats to the website to create a “dashboard” of your patch tweaking activity?

That’s the future, man! LOL.

Yes, and with built-in direct sharing to Facebook etc. of course! :slight_smile: