Installing the PCB mounted control pots

I have about 30 years of hobbiest electronics experience but all my PCB experience is from the 1970’s when most kit based PCBs were simple one sided jobs. Since then I have done everything on perf boards.

The Shruthi-1 is the first time I have ever encountered this style of PCB mounted control potentiometers. I am perfectly clear on what to do with the three leads that provide the electrical connections. What I am confused about is the two curved prongs on each side of the pot. There are holes in the PCB with solder pads for these to go into. The pads suggest to me that I should be soldering them in place. This doesn’t make any sense though as they obviously serve no purpose electrically.

Do I solder the curved prongs to the PCB?

Are they just there to assist in anchoring the pot in place?

yes, anchor. Extra sturdy.

And should GND the case of the pot…

You need to solder them. This keeps the pots solidly attached on the PCB when you pull too firmly on them - for example when pulling a knob snapped to them.

@fcd72: actually the two holes are plated but not electrically connected ; just like most of the pins on the MIDI connectors.

Wow fast response! Thanks all- I am almost done with the control board.

It’s much prettier than anything I have built with perf boards.

@pichenettes: as they only carry cvs no need to ground, but maybe a good idea for audio pots?

they’re mounted offboard anyway, but there are audio pots with ground lug for the body

I take the tip of a flat screwdriver on its side and gently bend them down to make a better mechanical anchor before I solder. That implies I am not expecting to have to replace them. They will come off but its a tricker desolder. The trick is to make sure the tiny plastic pins underneath are all touching the board equally or your pressure bend could make them slightly off the vertical and case problems or look ‘wrong’ when in the case. So I push the pot gentle down before soldering until I hear that reasurring click, then I bend the tabs, look at it, solder and do the electrical contacts last.