Instable positive voltages Polivoks board... [fixed] never wasn't

Ic5 and ic6 pin 8 settling around 4.53v but seemed erratic at first test, as high as 8.54 at one point. Other ic sockets getting the full 5v. Fully populated bar ics.

Any clues?

Revisited polivoks page and the positive pin on the ic5 and 6 is not 8 but 7 and is at 5v on my build. Is the fluctuating voltage at pin 8 normal?

Nice easy build if this turns out to be as it should be…

Only clear deviation from BOM is panasonic SU 4.7uf 50V bipolars…

I wouldn’t worry about it

I haven’t and boy does it sound good. Definitely the the best value for effort so far… Not even a trimmer to bother with… Thanks again