Inside one of the new Roland eurorack modules

A fascinating tear-down of the new Roland Demora eurorack module by Paul Schrieber, of Synthesis Technology fame.

It’s a bit perplexing. The expression “designed by a committee” springs to mind. Or maybe eight committees, that were permitted to send a three line memo to each other every fifth Friday.

There’s a hell of a lot more stuff in there than I’d have expected.

To me, it looks like the result of breaking down the design process into small subproblems handed over to different engineers, and then stringing the results together. Possibly stringing together “battled-tested” segments of circuitry (PSU, audio output, FPGA core…) from previous projects - without considering opportunities for simplification.

It also smells of “requirements for the sake of requirements” without considering if they’d even make sense (24-bits for CV… while the noise floor from most modules’ output is in the 80dB ballpark).

wonder how much Malekko did and how much Roland did

Malekko is only involved with the analog (System 500) series.

As the poster said: “We sent people to the moon with less hardware!”

Now I know why they cost 300USD a piece. That thing has more daughter boards per cm^2 than my Korg DSS/DSM. That is saying something!

If Roland does stick with Eurorack, I hope they simplify their digital module’s hardware layout.

Well, these things aren’t only intended for use inside an Eurorack system, or course. They also stream audio over USB, for example.

I think most people expected these modules to look more like the AIRA System-1 keyboard, inside - not that much to see.