Insert souncloud player in you post?

I just try for 45 minutes but I did not find
How do you manage to insert the souncloud player in your post ?
Thanks !


Very strange when you answer me i can see your player but now i can see just your link !??
Souncloud server seem very slow to refresh ? …
do you see my link or player ?

-edit : remove double post :slight_smile:

Grrrrr I’m not very good at playing whith Vanilla and Textile !
I can not get it to work. !

pichenettes: player.
lucchio: link (2x)

have you tried removing the ‘s’ in ‘https’?

yes i try it !
And seems pichenette’s link have “s” :frowning:

no, that was probably nonsense.
[edit: posted simultaneously]

You need to replace SOUNDCLOUDURL by the soundcloud url :slight_smile:


But i promise you : i try first or second “SOUNCLOUDURL” ? :slight_smile:


Arrrggghh : it does not work in the “Preview” mode :slight_smile:
I had not really tried the “post comment” button
Thank you very much !

So just paste the soundcloud url twice ?


I’m interested in this

yep works… thanks

Here lies the grave of a soundcloud player–
Oooo fancy