Input into Veils

i am new to eurorack and had questions. if i have a left out and a right out from a pico dsp module and want to go into veils that has 4 seperate inputs…what is the best way to still achieve the both left and right channels?

If you want to keep the stereo image the only thing you had to make sure is to use both outputs of the respective channels in Veils, as Veils does mix them when you leave the out unpatched.

For example: Use Channel 1 as L and Channel 2 as R and patch both outputs to whatever destination (mixer, or another module with L&R inputs).


Thanks for your response.

Scott Upright


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similar question on mulitiple outs…is it possibile to send 2 outs from 1 output jack on a module to split into a left and right input? i see the stackable cables and wonder if they can be used for that purpose or is it only for sending the out to two seperate modules…?


Yes they can be used for that.