Initialise yarns? Help?!

Hi, I just bought Yarns (used, on ebay) and I believe I may have inherited the previous owners settings. All I want to do to get started is play a note on my midi keyboard and have that note played on my modular. I seem to have an arpegiator or a sequence going on. It may also be set to a different scale or something.
I am wondering how I can initialise the module so that I can use it simply and then start understanding what else it can do.

There is no reset procedure.

You can disable the arpeggiator by setting the AR setting to 0, and clear the sequencer by pressing REC twice.

Thanks pichenettes! Do you know how I can set the scale to a standard one? ( sorry I am a complete noobee)

Set tuning system (TS) to equal temperament (EQ).

Brilliant, thanks very much! :slight_smile:

Hey jimsmuth make sure you read the manual Yarns is a powerful and deep module.
Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks risome!