Initial shruthi impressions

Just finished building my Shruthi (happy to say worked first time although I do a slight issue where the edit 4 pot seems to occasionally not register). Lately I have been on an 80’s kick and the Shruthi is creating much better bass than any vst plugin I own ( including diva). It just seems to fit so well in the mix and is a joy to use.

I am fortunate to have available a nice setup for development and so based on the success of the shruthi I am contemplating some experiments on breadboard based on the ambika system to try recreating some classic poly synth setup’s. Firstly I am interested to see what part an external DAC has to the quality of the oscillators compared to the internal oscillators of the shruthi. I am also interested to see how the oscillators work when employed in a poly setup of the ambika. Although I love the Juno sound there was a noticeable lack of liveliness as all DCO’s were clocked from the same source and therefore all oscillators were perfectly in sync. It will be interesting to see what effect multiple micros will have when voice cards a combined.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I am happy to join the group of very wise MI users.


You will soon find that the Shruthi is a very clever and capable machine, but also only the gateway drug to more synth making!

And you soon will find that one is not enough !

Ambika has more top end than Shruthi.