Infilling Case Engraving

There are a few threads on this subject, but I wanted to get everything in one place. I know the processes are different for textured vs non-textured surfaces, but what are the best methods and materials for both?

For textured don’t remove the Protective Foil on the engraved side. Just fill the Engraving with Acryl/Enamel Paint ( i use Revell Colors for the Textured Surfaces), wipe off excess and let dry. Remove Protecitve Foil from the Matte Plexi ofter it has sufficiently dried.


Revell are the little pots for painting plastic scale models, no? I think I used to use them when I was a kid.

THe backdraft on Revell is it need a thinner to wipe off the untextured Plexi. Maybe you go for water based Acryl…

@fcd72 I messed up the infilling on the top of the case… Any chance you can make me just to top panel? Or would you have to use a whole sheet, making the cost the same?

i’ve followed altitude’s advice and got some enamel colors. works really well. worst chemical needed for non textured material is isopropyl alcohol. thinner to clean the brush afterwards. i haven’t done other surfaces yet.
haha, Frank, so you use revell :wink: you told me use wax crayons

Maybe I can rescue it to a level of no infilling at all. But I doubt there will be a way to get the colour back in, as the plastic has been removed.

personally i use special wax based engeavin colors that are scratchproof for nontextured plexi. for textured i use revell. i recommend acryl lately as it seems to be easier to soure than appropriate wax colors.

yes, my skills and knowledge develop slowly… glacieresque

same here, same here

I prefer to use liquitex acrylic paints, water based makes cleaning easier, but thats on untextured plexi. I prefer to use water based stuff as I have 2 little kids

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looks great!

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Jupiter 9 ? :smiley:

Nice topic, but can some of you give us links about the precis paint’s types you are using. It would be VERY helpful :wink:

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Merci ! It’s just “peinture émail”, I understand now …

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V’cent, a helios 40 :slight_smile: 85/1.5!

here is the paint I used

Cool, I have two Helios 44M (s) from KMZ … Marvelous beasts, older than me, and so filled with character ! :’)

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