Inexperienced, but heart set on ambika. A few questions


I desire an ambika, but lack soldering and components knowledge. I am not remotely interested in a mono synth however. What is a good starter poly diy synth?

I’m guessing I won’t find a good sounding diy poly outside of ambika though so will probably start there.

I just want to repeat, I am not at all interested in a mono synth.


Hmm… The PreenFM 2 is poly, and DIY, but not particularly challenging, and more to the point - FM based…
There aren’t any good starter DIY polysynths to my immediate knowledge, although I am sure someone on here will correct me on that.
Reason being, that polysynths are more complex than mono, so need more stuff, which of course adds complexity, which you probably figured out already :slight_smile:

Audiothingies P6, it’s all digital but it’s DIY.

Cool, didn’t know about the p6. Looks like a better fit than a fm synth for my needs. Cheap enough to be able to afford the ambika as well. Will look into this!

Both the P6 and the Preen FM2 kick ass in their own ways. It’s not a super-sized outlay to get both as they’re fun. Then again, the Ambika is one classy lady!