Increasing Yarns bend range?

Hi there!
I’ve been very impressed with my newly purchased Yarns - especially it’s precision is amazing when compared to other MIDI-CV modules I’ve tried.

However, I’m running into a (arguably reasonable) limitation, namely the bend range (BR) will ‘only’ go up to 24 semitones. Nothing wrong with that, but… in my specific case, I’m looking at playing some good old SID files on my modular. Here I am trying to use Yarns with MIDI files created by a (legacy) tool called SID2MIDI, which attempts to -brute force- convert C64 SID files to MIDI type 0 SMF files.
Actually, the results are pretty good already, but apparently this tool assumes a whopping 96 semitone bend range. The option to restrict bend range doesn’t appear to work, and also I haven’t been really succesful in my attempts to ‘scale’ pitch bend messages (Ableton hasn’t been showing a very MIDI friendly face…)

So - my question - if I wanted to ‘hack this’, what would be my best avenue of approach? Download Vagrant, analyze Yarns’ source code - hopefully locating the BR parameter, simply increasing the 24 value to 96? Probably way too optimistic… but still, some insight please?

I don’t think you’ll run into any trouble if you increase the range of the BEND RANGE setting.

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Thanks for the swift reply!
Another item on the ‘to-do’ list to finally indulge in sweet sweet SID nostalgia (which turns out is rather a technical tour de force… all in good fun though!)

Great Success!
Sysex file for interested ppl: yarns.syx (116.6 KB)
Thanks again, Olivier :slight_smile: