Increase in noise floor

This forum was born as a place to talk about Mutable Instruments’ products, and I later welcome a few other DIY projects (MIDISizer, TubeOhm, D-Machinery…). Of course, I stayed opened all the way long to discussions about DIY and synth news.

A bunch of recent discussions:

  • clearly fell way out of this scope.
  • degenerated in pointless talk involving a lot of negative feelings.

I think this kind of discussions do not help in making this forum a friendly place for the newcomers. They do not make my job of keeping track of all that’s happening here easier, too.

People often praise this place for being very different from other forums. Let’s behave in a way that keeps it so.

It’s just an environment where people have a lot of fun but that’s not what this is here for and I’ll keep the extraneous stuff to a minimum.

I shoulder all the blame here: I was just planning to make a joke about sliding nuts because I was at my wit’s end reorganizing my case and I let it go to far. Sorry about that.

I’m feeling guilty.
I think I might go and edit out what I said in a recent post, there’s no need for me to have said anything at all really.
Just keep it all about instruments, DIY, effects, support, music and all the other positive subjects that are discussed here, that way this forum stays as great as ever.

Are we allowed to throw Capybara Pics when something slides away in a negative direction?

These would have to be very intense and powerful ones.

@fcd72 I think so. This sounds mostly like a request to keep the banter nice and friendly.

@pichenettes Please let us know if you’d like us to tone down the general synth news chatter as well. I can completely understand that at this stage you’d like the forum to get back to be more about MI primarily. :slight_smile:

Don’t know about the synth news discussions… They certainly have their place here, in particular the “how did they do dit?” angle that is not discussed very often in other places. But if you have a solution to concentrate the traffic in less topics let me know (maybe create one big discussion for things like “NAMM announcements”? create a weekly summary of product releases/news?). I’ll see if Vanilla has features that could help (not showing discussions in a particular category on the main page for example…)

I agree, the actual interest with the guts of synthesizers is what makes this forum great. I’ve always preferred synths for the mathematical and complex side. Not how many knobs they have. making one large thread would be cumbersome to read. Would a new section like “Other Gear” work?

+1 for that last option (of pichenettes post). The whole community section doesn’t have to be on the main page.
Keep the main page clean from clutter. I miss the nice puzzles trying to find out what went wrong with somebody’s build.

One of my favorite things about this forum is that we can discuss various gear/methods/philosophies while having some common views, sort of “Shruthizen’s Guide to the Synth Galaxy” and I think we can figure out a way to retain that without it becoming a cesspool (or should I say Cesspoolz)

Thanks Pichenettes for this. There’s no way for us small fry to say anything similar without sounding like we’re wading into the flame wars. But I’m glad you stepped in. And while we’re not slating people, let’s try not to slate other forums either. So much for being a nice place if someone comes along from another forum and sees comments about how crap it is…
I check this place every day, really value people’s opinions & like hanging out here so it’d be great if it stayed as friendly as ever. And yes the more technical stuff is very interesting so let’s keep that going…
Thanks for all the fun times, Shruthizens!

It might be helpful to split the subjects in “those about MI instruments only, where we stay on-topic, and don’t derail” and “those for chatting about synth in general, some silliness is encouraged, and derailment is fine”.

Threads from the first category should appear on the main page of the forum linked to from the site, threads from the second category should not appear there.

It might also help to split the marketplace subject into a MI-instruments only, and a general one, keeping the general one out of the main page as well.

I have no idea if Vanilla supports something like this in any way, so this might be a completely useless suggestion.

Also it’s not hard to stop reading a thread once it’s outlasted your interest. :slight_smile:

And lets try to offtopify only when the initial support/question/technical problem for which the thread was spawned is resolved. I vow to improve!

A sub forum / category for non-related stuff perhaps? Don’t know if vanilla can not show it by default though…

I’m with Frank here! I’m not exposing all you guys to more of my stranger output from the keyboard from here on out. We’re going to run that ship a bit differently… It’s way out of line otherwise so I’ll try to snap up.

Yeah, it would be great if we had a “General Synth related things” Subforum we could move all non MI Threads t

It’s of course also possible to split off a second forum.

Good idea.