Incorporating power button in acrylic case

Hey, I’m about to put my assembled Shruthi-1 into the acrylic case. I’ve been trying in vain to figure out a way to add the power switch to the case. Before I give in and solder on a wire bridge in place of the power switch, has anyone else had any luck squeezing this in?

I have seen this:

I don’t remember from who, but I think he’s on this forum!

I was thinking along similar lines but thought it would still be too tight looking at the metal pads on the switch supplied with the kit. I considered bending them or snipping them down but I suppose until I assemble the thing it’ll be hard to see what the clearance will have to be like… cheers, will have a look!

if you are using a volume pot you could as well get you one with an integrated switch.

I did it with this one:

…It is a little switch that you can find at any electronics store…

I drilled a hole at the rear panel to place it:

To me the main Question is why would you want such a switch as the Wallwart sucks Power even when the Shruthi is switched off, so the green clean way would be to unplug/switch off the Wallwart…

I think the point isn’t being green, but switching off alle the lights in the studio,
so that you can sleep better/easier (mostly if you sleep in the studio too)

The lights are the reason for my studio… :wink:

Same here ^^
When we powered up my m8’s CDJ2k+djm2k set for the first time we almowst came due to the amount of blinky stuff on them… :smiley:
LED’s are good, more LED’s are better :slight_smile:

Lets start a “my studio in the dark” contest…