In Soviet Russia, Caps not round, Caps square!

[russian accent]
Soviet Army surplus 1% 1n polystyrene I grab from guy in Lithuania on ebay

[/russian accent]

damn those are big! how do they sound?

Will you sell me some? Or we could trade them for some sockets :wink:


They are a tight fit, i needed to put the bypass 100n caps on the back and the leads just barely fit the holes but they do fit. You also need to shorten the ISP header since one sits right under the header and will interfere.

They sound V good. A 1% styrene cap is hard to come by and rarely cheap

FCD i can send you some…

Are these EMP-Proof stolen from supplies for the MIG-21??? Or indended for security Systems in Nuclear Power Plants? Inertial Navgation System of the Oscar-II Class Submarines ? NOS pulled out of a SOJUS? If they are just ordinary Caps its a bit boring :wink:

If it weren’t for the color, they would look like thing I’d love to eat

Well, maybe if you stick two leads into this you’ll get good dielectric properties…

AFAIK, these were for field radios… Dont know about eating them though, Soviet era manufacturing was specs first, questionably safe materials concerns later…

i’d like to try those fuzes, would you sell me some for 1 Shruthi?

I want to add some mojo to my shruthi too, but I don’t know anything about caps and audio. So what would you recommend me ? styroflex? silver mica ? polystyrene ? vintage ceramic ?
Does it affect the sound between one rated for 50V and one rated for 500V ?

styroflex = european for polysterene = the one you want. Rating does not matter as long as it is above the working voltage but the bigger the rating, the physically larger the cap so getting it to fit becomes the issue

Many thanks! now post some samples please!


please drop me a line with your eMail - i must try those. Caps made for communication of the enemy in the famous “Panzerschlacht in der Norddeutschen Tiefebene”. Great!

.oO(Must stop inhalating these solder evaporations…)

@fcd altitude909 at g m ail

Cold war, so when your radio gets dumped in the river you shake it and it WORKS!
The author wishes to state that this is a non-political statement
and not an endorsement of any implied ideology,
its just that sealions
like Water!

@altitude is it possible to buy four of those?

@altitude: did you have chance to measure actual capacitance of those beasts? In Soviet Russia what’s written on a box does not necessarily tell you what’s inside, especially when it comes to electronic components :wink:

from the ones i just measured most were between 1.03N and 1.06N and a few up to 1.09N one even 1.1N
but hey that’s not so important. you can still use them as key for the door

as i have some some of these here:

I wonder if the 10% tolerance will disqualify them for the use on the smr4mk2 board?
can anyone with a little more insight shed some light on this, please?



no it’s ok with 10% tolerance.

first off - mimicman - thx for that info!
then, i wonder what effect varying caps in that position will have.
to be honest, i have no idea what job the caps do there exactly.
anyone care to explain a little?