In search of Canadian help

I’ve build my Anushri and cannot get it to work. Olivier has been super helpful, but nothing has worked.
As a last resort now, I’m looking for someone in Canada to take a look at my boards.

Thanks in advance,

Adm ["]

Where in Canada are you? It’s a pretty big place…

Good question. Adm, I am in the Toronto area although other than another set of eyes, I’m not much of an expert.

I’m in Québec, maybe i could help.

I’m in Toronto.

Maybe you can be helpful in another way - you shurely have a fridge for cooling Pilsbier™ ?

I do. But I don’t need a fridge this time of year, I can just put it outside. By the way, I have figured out what happened with the XT but I’m still working on fixing it.

Adm, email me at piscione at sympatico dot ca and maybe there’s something I can help with. I’m in Mississauga, near Queensway and Cawthra.

Hi Admviolin. I’m in the Bloor and Ossington area. Feel free to message me if you are still looking for a second set of eyes on your project.

Thanks for the offer ahonoe, Piscione figured out my problem…Anushri is working great now.

Glad to hear it!

I didn’t really figure it out. I figured out a way for Olivier to figure it out.