In europe and interested in Ponoko?

A new making hub just opened in Italy.

Should make things much cheaper for you folks. There’s also a hub in Germany.

Also, if you order something before may 31, the italy hub machine costs are $1/min. instead of the usual $2.50/min.

I should have my prototype on Friday. I will try to make any revisions ASAP in case anyone’s interested…

Waiting for pics of glitched’s design to order :smiley:

cool smrl! there are 5 of us based in ireland that would be well on for piggy backing on your design. would a group buy be cheap i wonder?

this german site is supposedly good and reasonably priced.


The more you make, esp. if you’re making/shipping them all at once, the cheaper it would be. Check out the ponoko design thread if you haven’t. This isn’t CNC/aluminum enclosure, it’s a laser-cut/engraved design. My design was planned for bamboo. Based on material thickness, birch veneer could be substituted, and possibly acrylic. But it would be at your own risk; I’ll be testing out how my design fits/assembles with the bamboo…

oh cool. yeah i realized that as i typed the above. will look forward to how your design turns out!

in on a group buy - I am in Germany, btw. I am curiously awaiting your review on the enclosure, smrl!

wow italy, finally we get a share of this! Hmm… now I might reconsider having it cut out from aluminium from frontpanel express…