In Beira's wake

My Samhain offering.

One of those ritual patches where I sort of zoned out in the middle so can’t say for sure what’s doing what really. It turned out longer than I expected because things I found interesting kept happening.

Elements, Rings x2, Blinds x2, Plaits, Braids, Clouds, Marbles, Shelves, Shades and Ripples are all definitely in there doing things along with SMR, DLD, 3 Sisters, some doepfer bits, Maths, STO, Optomix, Batumi, PNW and uVCF too.


Very nice again David. I love your work. Is there any way to learn this kind of patching? Most tutorials show the “standard” functions of modules or melody patches but never these super deep evolving sound scapes.

Thank you @cryptout,

I’ve been working this way for years now (starting with the nord modular and then the NM G2 before moving to euro) so it’s a little hard for me to analyse it.

My advice for what it’s worth, is to think about the piece as a whole (but keep very open to the things that happen along the way).

When I’m building/patching/composing/whatever it is, I’ll often build some elements, let them interact, sit back and listen/go make a cup of tea/ potter about while it exists in the air, and will find myself feeling things like ‘maybe some highish frequency resonant noise will play nicely with those bleepy bits’ or ‘there’s a big horrible muddy middle, let’s get some filters dealing with that’ for example.

In many ways I kinda consider it as I would sculpture or painting (if I practiced those) it’s an overall object and some things should be added, and some need to be taken away.

A large part of it, as with most art, is knowing the basics of your materials, how they interact, how they can be manipulated by others, how they can be used to express the emotion/concept/tone/mood that you feel is necessary but all while appreciating that all the small elements make up a gestalt, an overall.

A little rambly and esoteric I guess, but maybe it can give you some insight/things to think about when approaching this sort of composition?

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Thanks for taking the time to respond. It does help I think I’m on the right path reading about your way of working. I just need a few more years of practice. :grin: