Impressions of Rings

Hello everybody, hope you are all well. This is my first post after months of getting together a eurorack system.

Mainly I wondered if anyone would be willing to share their rings recipes :slight_smile: I am fairly across the different functions and modes of the module and have tried noise and ambient inputs with envelopes I have however heard people talk about piano, lap steel, guitar, Rhodes type sounds from Rings and I wondered if people have any reference points or settings/input sources for their favourite impressions or sounds more generally.

Really excited by this module and so thrilled to hear what people, after all this time of it being released , have found enjoyable to use it for.

Thank you, E

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Welcome! While I’m not a Rings user, I would like to point you to this album by Starthief which explored more atypical Rings sounds:

There is also a link in the description to his patch notes. Hope this is of interest!


There’s a whole thread about what sounds good through Rings, which you can find here:


Yeah love this thread, headed straight there when first I got Rings, beautiful module!

This is great, didn’t know about it, really brilliant, thanks for the suggestion!


here’s something i did last week producing sounds i’ve not ever seen anyone doing before… good ol guitar type overdriven distortion. here’s rings in a feedback loop with the plague bearer and the LxD. brightness and damping are at 3 oclock or a bit further to keep the sound sustained.


I’m flattered to see this recommended :slight_smile:

Rings is one of my all-time favorite modules. I’m still making feedback loops with two Rings, using it as a lo-fi delay/reverb, etc. but I’m also finding new appreciation for its plucked and mallet type tones with the internal exciter, short impulses, or using one Rings as input to a second one.

One of the ways I’ve been treating its output recently has been with lo-fi tape emulation and saturation plugins – something about the way the notes decay and overlap in polyphonic mode just seems to work really well with those tones. I’ve also found that it sounds great through Starling Via Scanner, which gives it a complex, folded, “very digital” sort of edge. In both cases I tend to keep the brightness fairly low on Rings and let the effects add higher harmonics instead.