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Speedy recovery and good health on your journey :slight_smile:

All energies to you Emilie, don’t worry about us, just concentrate on healing and taking care of yourself.


Good luck, and speedy recovery!

Domlene :smile:

Wishing you all the best.

Good luck Émilie. You’re so brave. Enormous respect to you and speedy recovery x :rainbow:

wishing you good luck and a restful recovery…

Best of luck!
Good recovery!

I hope ‘break a leg’ is not inappropriate? :slight_smile: Whatever, I hope it goes well

Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Wishing you a good journey, a safe landing and a welcoming re-entry!

Good luck Émilie! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Good luck with your recovery!

The surgery went as planned. The result at such an early stage of recovery already exceeds my expectations (#itwasforme). Religiously following the post-op care routine was a good exercise which bore results. I’ve started regaining normal energy levels around the 5th day after the operation, but I need to continue keeping my mind free of work-related worries for a couple of weeks, and I won’t be able to do much physical work anyway until mid-March. So I’ll be back on schedule!


Wishing you a speedy recovery !

Wonderful news. Please take all the time you need, that schedule is not written in stone. :slight_smile:

On a personal note, a friend of mine is on the same trajectory, just a few steps behind you. Your eloquent and evocative account of your experiences has been a tremendous help for me to understand what she is going through – and has been going through in the past forty years. Thank you, so much, for sharing and for being the beautiful and inspiring person you are.

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Glad to hear it went well! Oh how i wish all my patients were this compliant :smile:

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Glad to hear it went well, and you’re on the road to recovery.

All the very best for the rest of your journey.

Excellent news!

sending my best-invisible-vibes right now, wish you the best …not only in the recovery process

How wonderful! I can only imaging how exciting this must be. Take good care of yourself and all the best wishes for a speedy recovery.