Important notice regarding support

As you know, I’m running this little boat alone, and so far I have never spent more than a few days away from a computer. This (bad?) habit is going to come to an end, since I’ll go on a little (surgical) adventure in February, with a recovery process eating up a good chunk of March too. Unfortunately, this is going to make me unavailable for a while.

Here’s a timeline of what you can expect from me in terms of support.

:skull: :hammer_and_wrench: February 1st - February 17th: no support through any channel.
:hospital: February 17th - March 2nd: support for “easy” questions that do not require access to gear to reproduce the issue or code a firmware fix. The only thing I’ll be able to ship is Domlene.
:sleeping_bed: March 2nd - March 15th: support for all kinds of questions, shipping of replacement modules.
:dancer: March 16th: back to normal (including repairs).

Thanks for your understanding!


I wish you quick recovery!


Come back when you’re ready, happy and healthy! And let yourself float on all that medical support :slight_smile:


Wishing you a speedy recovery, too, @pichenettes.

All the best for your procedure, break a leg!

Warm wishes for a safe and uneventful recovery!!

Je vous souhaite le meilleur des rétablissements et un avenir plein d’idées et de réalisations géniales !!

Hope it all goes well. The four people I know who have been through this all came out the other end well, and happy; so i hope that you do too

Je vous tiens les pouces Émilie!
Je vous souhaite que tout se passe pour le mieux et une aussi courte convalescence que possible.
Courage et à bientôt :grin:

Speedy recovery and good health on your journey :slight_smile:

All energies to you Emilie, don’t worry about us, just concentrate on healing and taking care of yourself.


Good luck, and speedy recovery!

Domlene :smile:

Wishing you all the best.

Good luck Émilie. You’re so brave. Enormous respect to you and speedy recovery x :rainbow:

wishing you good luck and a restful recovery…

Best of luck!
Good recovery!

I hope ‘break a leg’ is not inappropriate? :slight_smile: Whatever, I hope it goes well

Best wishes for a quick recovery!

Wishing you a good journey, a safe landing and a welcoming re-entry!