I'm out!

Well gents & gals, I’m off for the next 4 days to get my ass married! I know it’s gonna be a long night when I get back to read over all the posts that i have missed. I would like to say how amazing of a place this really is. The product that is lining up here as of late is nothing short of amazing and I’m sure has surpassed all of our desires in an MI product (or any other DIY manufacturer for that matter)! Great synths coupled with the best forum group out there!

That is all. I had nothing interesting to say here, so please, use this thread to derail into oblivion! In fact, I encourage it and expect it on my return as a union’d man. Godspeed.

Congratulations and live long and prosper. \\\\//

Many congratulations qp

good luck!


When I told a bunch of friends I was getting married and asked for advice, they all said, “too late.” It’s been over twenty years now. If you ask for advice about having kids, do it before your wife is pregnant!

@ altitude, haha!

@rumpelfilter, we are going to Bilbao, Spain in September for 10 days. Will be my first trip to Europe.

Yea total congrats!

And don’t forget: if you are married the € is suddenly only worth 5cts…

If any person can show just cause why qp may not be mariied - speak now or forever hold your peace!

Congratulations and welcome to the secret club of married shruthi owners! And I guess you will really value the “mark all posts read” button when you get back. Aren’t you going away for some time on honeymoon?

Id take a few more than 4 days after getting married, if I where you :smiley:


Have fun and don’t worry too much about the unread topics :slight_smile:

Congrats qp! I hope you guys have a great time!

Nice venue! All the best!

If so make a Pic… and don’t forget to update your Status on F*ceB++k right after you said yes :wink:

Congratulations man! All the best to you and your to-be wife!

Thanks all!

@fcd: Be here tomorrow at 4pm. Haha, wait, getting married at 4pm! I should have a 4PM as the ring carrier!

When must i be where to kiss the Bride? :wink: Congratulations and all the best!