I'm confused

I recently posted an issue regarding my Grids clone. I only posted here because I asked in Mod Wiggler and was directed here. After I mentioned that I was talking about a clone my post got closed and I was told in fairly abrupt terms that I was in the wrong place.

I apologise if that is the case but I see plenty of posts everywhere on these forums related to clones (Search results for 'clone' - Mutable Instruments' community) and given the open-source nature of Mutable Instruments I really don’t understand what I’ve done wrong when all I’m trying to do is ask a community for help!

Reading through other clone related posts I find this comment:
" pichenettesLeader
Dec '14
Nothing wrong about asking, but he certainly won’t get a reply from me"

Fair enough but my post wasn’t specifically directed at Pichenettes, I assumed that this was a COMMUNITY so when my post gets closed by Pichenettes before anyone else has had a chance to help I get a feeling that the so-called community is actually someone’s castle!

The irony of it all is that I also have genuine Mutable Instruments Modules and this whole experience has left a very bitter taste. Funny how someone’s perception of a brand can change so radically in a split second!

I won’t be surprised if I now get banned or this post never sees the light of day!
Over and out and have a good day Pichenettes!

This community has rules, displayed as a banner when you join, and one of them is that it is dedicated to support for genuine Mutable Instruments modules.

Being able to get some kind of official support here is one of the “premiums” of purchasing a genuine module.

This was long before this forum migrated to discourse, and where the “no support for clones” rule was adopted.


“a community where people love rambling about all kinds of music, gear or DIY-related topics.”
I wasn’t after official support, just some “community” help!


But you’re right that I should rephrase this to more explicitly include clones. These rules were written when the “clone” market was mostly limited to partly populated boards and DIY kits.

As i’ve said already, I apologise if I got it wrong but the number of contradictions regarding this matter displayed all-over the forum don’t help the issue.

Now that you know the rules there is no need to be confused as to what the rules are.