I'm back - (if you like brewing beer and DIY read this)

Over 11 months ago I decided to take a step back from synth building and electronic music production to build an all electric nano-brewery in my home. One of biggest challenges I ran into was building the 30amp electric control panel. Through my experience in building several synths I was able to gain enough confidence to meticulously craft a functioning electric brewery panel. With that said, I have missed this community and now that the brewery is built and I am brewing, I have more free time to jump back into Mutable Instruments. I have a few Shruthi PCBs that need to be built, but am torn on instead spending that money on Olivier’s new eurorack modules that look and sound amazing. I would love anyone’s input on which direction to take. I will have around $2k US to spend. Pictures of the brewery attached (before and after all of the synths were sold and the studio desk turned into a brew stand lol).

Buy a Braids. Buy a second Braids. Buy a Ripples. Buy a Grids. Buy some Drum Modules to accompany your Grids. If you are into Chiptune buy a Edges. Buy supporting/surrounding Modules from anything that looks interesting to you. Rob a Bank to fund the upcoming MI Modules. Ship me some Beer.

@fcd72 :slight_smile: haha. I wish I could ship everyone beer. Especially you, Olivier, and Altitude.

@fcd72 oh yeah, would it be a waste to buy a TTA Trigger Riot? or just use the drum section of the Anushri to generate drum patterns?

I have found myself in a similar decision making situation minus the all electric brewing :slight_smile: but happily I am moving into a house with a gas stove once again so will be back making 5gal batches soon.

I personally am migrating towards modular and semi-modular and plan to keep my Shruthi forever and ever and plan to expand on it rather by building modules and buying a select few (MI, Intellijel, 4ms kits mainly and it is hard to avoid Make Noise and The Harvestman for some more abnormal stuff).

Frequency Central, 4ms, Fonitronik, Hexinverter, and d:machinery I figure will be the main DIY sources for my plans.

I am sure it was conscious planning but Anushri seems pretty much perfect for a way to break into modular in a hurry to me…

@joshuagoran I like your idea of building a few eurorack modules. That definitely saves some cash. I don’t have an Anushri yet, but plan to build one late this year.

Yay, nice brewery CHEERS :slight_smile:

Just build the Shruthi PCBs you already have, or decide to fall into the bottomless pit aka modular :wink:

you cant just brew some beer in a plastic tub, you hae to have a NASA spec MilGrade semi commercial home brewery… impressive wingspan™

I guess that the DIY aspect also plays a role.

The Euroracks have a more DIY aspect when playing, while the Shruthis, etc. are more proper DIY machines but somewhat less flexible while playing.

Me, right now I love soldering and testing and assembling. I also love playing, but I am more into the building experience.

I will eventually wear off building a bit and might transition into playing as a focus, then I might value spending $$$$ in modulars more.

Is your brewery controlled by MIDI?

My two hobbies: electronic music and beer.

Going modular (whichI am avoiding right now…I see the slope) is like going lambic. You can’t go back to lager after having a gueuze :slight_smile:

Nice growlers btw…I was just in Tennessee last month for Bonnaroo.

@Admviolin I do like a good sour beer…if modular is anything like lambics, I’m done for.

@pichenettes lol No MIDI. However I did use XLR plugs connections for my temperature probes. I have seen some other automated brewery systems, but that takes most of the fun out of it. The PID temperature controllers maintain a constant temperature for whatever mash set point.

@Admviolin Thanks! Tennessee has several micro breweries popping up. I think most of the Tennessee beers taste ok. I’ve had better. Currently I have a ginger wheat beer and english bitter sitting in conicals for secondary fermentation.

welcome back! it’s the right weather here for an ice cold beer. would be nice to have a homebrewn instead of the boring german Reinheits-beer

@xtrmnt - good looking panel :) I’d be proud of that myself I spent 20 years designing and building control panels for all sorts of machinery - mostly hydraulic presses…

@joshuagoran - Seriously, a good sour is the cat’s pajamas. Modular is intriguing, but I too have been putting off the seemingly inevitable.

I also share these two hobbies, though the beer-brewing has slowed in the last year. My buddy and I are getting close to the point of a major investment in equipment. That probably won’t happen until one of us buys a house though. Man, I need to make more money!

surprised you stayed away this long… wb

tribo Thanks for the complement! :) It was a pain in the ass to build, but rewarding in the end. More terrifying first firing up a 30amp panel versus a low voltage Shruthi. The first time I turned on the brewery panel the amp meter blew (scared the sht outa me). I should have used nylon screws and washers for the dc power supplies. Oh well. I fixed it and it runs perfectly now. It was a total rats nest running, stripping, and crimping countless wires (like Frank’s XT programmer on steroids). Most of the wiring was 10-12 guage which made routing a challenge. Pics below.