I'll be back: CEM3340 re-issue

New CEM3340
Should we all open a bottle of champain? Or is it riding a dead horse?

On the one hand, the longevity of my 1981-vintage Digisound-80, which is full of CEM chips, is now better assured. On the other hand, its value has probably halved overnight. Nonetheless I hope they produce the 3310 EG, 3320 VCF and 3330 VCA chips as well.

I like to see the 3394 full voice!

Ugh, no thanks.

Jurassic park FTW!

But seriously, only time will tell if the chip is going to survive the evolution a second time. The vintage spare part market is limited and I’m not sure the chip is that good it will end up in a lot of new gear.

Yes, these days, there is nothing special about the CEM chips - they sound fine, but they are a bit noisy, and rather fragile (run them with one power rail missing and they fail immediately…), and there are better ways to achieve the same ends nowadays. However, if you have older gear built around them, then having them available again at a reasonable price is a godsend. A lot of CEM-based gear that is sitting in attics because the chips have died will now be resurrected, I suspect.

The Synthex uses CEM, but the 3320.

Yes, widely used in the 1980s, for good reasons (they were $2 each in 1981 when I built my Digisound-80).

I could see modern manufacturers using this. Think about it, they can just use the chip that has the CEM name recognition. I also like the sound of the 3340.

The 3394 full voice isn’t that bad sounding if you understand what it won’t sound like when you get it. It woudl be great to have a hobbyist revision of the 3394 with lower input voltages around 5V or 3.3V.

I also wouldn’t mind more Mirage ICs as well as the 3372 VCF!

From muffs:

Source: Yahoo Groups Doepfer
AW: [Doepfer_a100] Re-issue A-111 High End VCO with Rev G CEM 3340?
We added some features to the A-111-1 and renamed it to A-111-2:

  • the nearly perfect triangle-to-sine converter suggested by Tim Stinchcombe in this group
  • manual linear frequency control (for low frequencies close to 0 Hz)
  • LFO mode
  • LED display
  • separate output buffer/amplifier for each waveform
  • same levels for all waveforms (10Vpp)

The A-111-2 is based on the CEM3340 Rev G. There was a close cooperation with OnChip since 2015 regarding to the new CEM3340 and we
received the first samples in January during NAMM for our development. The first production batch of the CEM3340 Rev G arrived 2
weeks ago and the production of the A-111-2 during the next few days (we are still waiting for the latest front panel and pcb
samples). I’d expect the first modules about end of July/August. The A-111-3 is also based on the CEM3340 Rev G and we are working
on a Thru-Zero VCO based on the CEM3340 Rev G (module A-111-4).

Best wishes
Dieter Doepfer

they look promising:

i like that tiny vco, particularly.

(source: a-111-2 and a-111-3 product pages)

I like the idea of the possibility of having 3 VCOs in 12hp :slight_smile:

Hard or soft sync on the A-111-3 is selectable via a jumper, so you could break it out to three switches on a 2HP panel. The hard and soft sync capabilities of the CEM 3340 are one of its best features, IMHO. And you have linear FM, of course. Makes for a nice analogue VCO!

It’s great that this chip is back. It can keep some of the classic old gear alive and hopefully they re-fabricate the 3310 and 3320 as well. Although those can be implemented discretely, a convenient DIP package ensures the longevity of so many synths.

Yeah, there were potted discrete versions of the main CEM chips made by Hearne-Morley a few years ago, but not sure if these are still available, and they were quite expensive, and not pin-compatible - they were matchbox-sized packages.

Like through hole, the vintage chips sound warmer :smiley:

I wait of the new CEM 3320. Its a verry nice VCF. The Filter-Board in my Degenerator is interchangeable and i can used CEM 3320 :)))

soundcloud: CEM3020 VCF in my first Synth version

CEM3320 Filter designs