If you have an iPad, you might be interested in controlling your Shruthi using this layout I made

It requires the great iPad app MIDI desginer, which is probably one of my most used apps on my iPad these days.

You can find the layout here if you’re interested:

LAYOUT: Shruthi by Mutable Instruments (Synth, Mod Matrix, & Grids)


Hey thanks!

Didn´t test MIDI designer yet, but downloaded the lite version to give it a spin.

Will be using it with a CMK and usb-midiDIN cable to see how it behaves.

It’s a good app: a bit convoluted compared to Lemur- but not $50!

Once I get my Ambika I’m going to make a Lemur template for it. Stay tuned.

glad you guys might have some use for it!

that should be an awesome template, goodluck! I don’t have much experience with Lemur because my needs are pretty simple at the moment, but I’d definitely snap it up if it went on sale.

had to make some simple bug fixes:



  • Fixed “grids” midi cc values for all xy controls, as they were sending to unwanted parameters but only on channel 1 (portamento and modulation, amongst others)

  • Placed “grids” xy controls under midi channel changer, so they will always send to the selected channel / their intended CC

  • Minor knob alignment changes on the “syn” page

the link in the original post contains the updated layout

@stevism: thanks for sharing. seeing that your layout also covers the mod matrix: so midi designer also supports nrpn? that’s cool. so far i used touschosc, which only does regular cc.

@pichenettes/admin: how about combining this thread with th existing shruthi ipad editor thread

oh and have i mentioned that for midi-cc/nrpn-based editors, a midi cc/nrpn dump feature would be extremely helpful, because it would allow people to edit existing patches? :slight_smile:

hm, this midi designer app seems to be very powerful - with nrpn and sysex support.

unfortunately, it also looks spectacularly ugly. :smiley: are there no simpler alternative designs available for those ugly knobs and faders? can’t seem to find any manual online, but in all the screenshots they always look the same.

the app is currently on sale btw. might get it despite its ugly looks. touchosc looks better and has a neat editor for editing your layouts on a pc, but i’m tired of waiting for it to get nrpn an sysex support.

@stevism: midi designer supporting sysex does’t mean that it can ‘understand’ sysex patch dumps from the shruthi though, does it? that’s probably not possible…

yep midi designer supports nrpn. not sure if it was my own ignorance or not but it seems to do so in a bit of a roundabout way…it took me a while to get it working, even though i knew exactly what numbers to put in. the mod matrix is working now though so i got it haha.

sorry about making a new thread, i didn’t know the other one existed. that’ll teach me to do a search!

i do not know if it supports midi cc/nrpn dump but feel free to email the guy who develops it. it’s one guy in NYC and he’s EXTREMELY helpful / attentive, he’d love to get feedback and answer your questions. Here’s the contact form

yeah it’s on sale! however i’m pretty sure the lite version is fully functional aside from a “nag” bar trying to get you to buy it. i use it a lot though and feel like it was worth the price i paid

i don’t think there are any other style choices, aside from the default haha. i agree it doesn’t look as streamlined as other options out there but the style has grown on me, and i find it pretty easy to read which is good when it’s far away, a quick glance, etc.

again, i’m not sure about receiving patch dumps. i think it can accept incoming midi no problem, but not sure how it handles patch dumps of sysex. he’d probably be willing to implement it though if a user requested it. he really cares a lot about the users.