If u can have 16 CCs, wich one do you prefer?

This night, i have a dream…

16 CCs to drive:

Filter section:

  • CutOFF
  • Res
  • env
  • lfo

Synthesis parameters:

  • sha (shape): Oscillator 1 waveform shape
  • prm (parameter): Oscillator 1 parameter (see below)
  • rng (range): Oscillator 1 pitch transposition, from -12 semitones to 12 semitones
  • op (operator): Modulator operation (see below)

Env 1/2:

  • atk (attack): Envelope attack time
  • dec (decay): Envelope decay time
  • sus (sustain): Envelope sustain level
  • rel (release): Envelope release time


  • wv1 (lfo1 wave): LFO1
  • rt1 (lfo1 rate): LFO1 rate
  • wv2 (lfo2 wave): LFO2
  • rt2 (lfo2 rate): LFO2 rate

But all the other one like matrix, and mixer are welcom too :slight_smile:


Sorry for this thread Olivier :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This sounds good. What about sacrificing pitch for a mod control?

i’m about to finish a complete m4l patch for my MidiBoxSid, and it’s very very useful! I would love to do the same for the Shruti, but 'v got problem with nrpn…don’t know really why…