If the beatles had ambika

great job on the flute sound!

@jjuhkam True, it’s horses for courses. Something like the VL1 or the Prophecy does all those model sounds really well.

z1 and the ex5 does also

I’m periodically tempted to pick up a Prophesy, but I’m running out of space, and need to start operating a 1-in-1-out policy, when it comes to keyboards.

The next thing to go, to make space for my Euro gear will have to be one of my two computer monitors…


i would get a trinity plus it has the prophecy board

and if you get the pcm card you can add pcm samples i love adding the prophecy with samples

its great

i end up doing rotation of my gear have some in storage and i move them around once a month so i dont get bored of them but my waldorf wave and sy99 and korg dss1-x are always set up along with my EII and EIII rack

I had a Prophecy and it had a lot of oscillator types but ultimately a very poor interface (too deep). Always wanted a Z1 and I nearly bought a Trinity as a stop gap sequencer (until I get a Cirklon), but in the end I’ve bought an Amiga 1200 :slight_smile:

It’s good to get interesting and seemingly impossible sounds out of a synth though.


If I had some patches to share I could probably say this while also sharing some Ambika patches: I would love some more Ambika patch sharing just like this! There was a thread…