If the beatles had ambika

Fiddled around today and stumbled across eeerm… mellotron :slight_smile:

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Wow, sounds really nice! Have you saved the preset? Would you mind sharing it?

I saved it as a Multi, but it should work. (I guess you should change the number, because now it’ll save it as a 32nd multi what ever the bank letter of the multi is)
Here you go:

This was a little easier but I’ll also share the polymoog’s vox humana sound. (cars)
Audio sample here: http://clyp.it/q4fkahnd
Quite a bit of aliasing in the higher notes though…

Very nice!

Super nice!

Oh yeah!

Wow! That Mellotron patch is perfect!
If you’d be kind enough to post a short description of how you made it - I don’t have an Ambika - I would appreciate that.

It consist of two oscillators (so, full polyphony on ambika), one is triangle wave, which VCA is modulated by triangle LFO at rate 75 on ambika (I guess it’s around 5 Hz?)
Do you still have MI synth? Shruthi? Well, the other osc is the famous vowel waveform, which is 1 octave above, parameter (the vowel) is set somewhere between 70 and 75. It’s kind of a vowel between a and o. It’s amplitude is also modulated with 75 and the pitch is modulated with 80 (both triangle), to give it the “swimming” and looping pitch of the tape.
I’d say the depths of the LFO’s are “moderate” and natural :smiley:
These two are mixed in about 3:2 ratio (triangle>vowel)
So those two give the fluty, round tone.

Add a bit noise (8 on ambika) and sub-oscillator’s “blow” (basically another noise osc, which makes this sudden blowing effect).

But the most important thing is the filter- To have this old, worn tapey feel (?),you have to close the filter quite a lot, it’s about half closed on my Ambika. But to not have too dark sound, you have to raise the resonance about 1/3 of the whole range.

Slow down the attack on the VCA envelope, to add a bit more softness.

In the end you should garnish everything with the beloved FUZZ. This feature is just pure gold, which basically makes every empy and hollow sound come to life.

And that should do it.

Ofcourse, it totally depends on the filters you’ve got (range, linearity and so on)…

EDIT: octave above, VCA envelope, and forgot about the fuzz thing.

Each voice card would have had a PDP-8 on it, a Moog ladder filter designed by Andre’s grandmother, and a case made by fcd72’ great-aunt.

Yea, I guess it’s a quite silly thread name :smiley:

Thread name being silly or not, the patches made by jjuhkam are great, congrats!
I’ll add some questions/comments in “Vox Humana” thread I started…

I have a Shruthi of course. :slight_smile: I could hear the blow sub osc being used on the attack, but I couldn’t tell if the sound were due to self oscillation on the filter or use of the dual SVF. Now I know that you did use the triangle and vowel oacillator.

Maybe I should also mention, that I have Ambika with 6 SMR4 cards.

Both patches are great! Nice work!

I’m quite bowled over by that mellotron. This is some skilled programming!

Now i can throw away that old tape mess……

Can’t throw away it yet, I’m still struggling with the strings :smiley:
Any suggestions? I get this analog string synth sound, but not the realism as the flute sound has…

With modelling real instruments you need to know how the sounds vary from attack to sustain. This is why physical models appeared, although they were largely a development from the old string synths.


I guess it’s a bit stupid to be back in the place where I “can’t get the real sound with my analog synth”, when the POINT of the analog is completely somewhere else. But I guess as an experiment its okay…