If Mutable could


What is missing in Eurorack,i think is a “Buchla Touchplate controller type of thing”…i dont know what you think of it,am i the only one?..I was lookin to the" Tetrapad"maybe two…


Doboz Touch Sensing Note Memory looks fun. I would probably have done something like that!


wooow! thks Olivier!! thks a looot!i didnt know this!..


I’m currently waiting on the soundmachines arches and while waiting have ended up buying Shelves and Elements because I feel that they’ll be nice things to control with it.

I sort of have in my head that there are already so many controllers out there, and so many personal preferences that I’m not sure Olivier would feel the room to do what he does best witthout too many compromises (pure speculation on my part though).


Yeah but the Arches…we dont know when…and i am afraid of the price…but anyway thats what i need too!


…and the Doboz sensor is a DIY thing…shame…i msut find somethin else!!:confused:


I was fortunate enough to have spare cash in the bank so went in of the kickstarter, it is a fairly high ticket item but when you compare the features/cost to other available things it felt like a good ratio and worth a punt. Update last week suggested that the units are made, they need to assemble the cases and finish some fw thing and then they’ll ship.

We’ll see though, I’m already a pretty big kickstarter sceptic after a few ‘over year long’ delays on things.


It’s not a terribly difficult build, but if that puts you off, it is likely that you can find someone to put it together for you.

I can definitely recommend the tsnm, I love it as an interface for rings!


TSNM is pretty cool! It’s quite an expensive build, though, when you add up the component and PCB prices.

It’s a relatively easy build, but I do wonder why all the caps and resistors are 0603. Given how big the board is, 0805 versions could easily have been accommodated, and would be less intimidating for surface-mount newbies.

It is a lot of fun to play with, it has to be said. Mine is ‘resting’ at the moment, but only because I don’t have room for it in my Euro enclosure, at the moment.


Agreed on the package size. I’ll have to look again, but if I remember right, the pads could accommodate 0805… DON’T QUOTE ME ON THAT THOUGH.


0603 really isn’t very difficult to solder.


Doboz Touch Sensing Note Memory looks fun. I would probably have done something like that!

wow, i didn’t know that one, looks great.
i wish it wasn’t smd - i’m afraid my hands are too big for that kind of build.


It’s quite intimidating, if you haven’t tackled it before. I’ve done a few 0603-based projects now, and don’t find it a problem, now, but it was a bit scary, initially.


Thanks…thats good to know!


I second that on Doboz have built a bunch for both Buchla and Euro they are awesome for the money. Happy to build one for u if you dont feel comfortable doing SMD


The pads can do 0805s as I have had to substitute due to parts shortages but you need hot air to really do it right



Thats very nice 2 u!..thank you!