If I have Ambika is it worthwhile grabbing a JX8P?

Hehe, not really…

you can do PWM on a jx8p, using sync 1… set both to square wave at same octave, and modulating the second osc’s pitch will effectively modulate the duty cycle. just make sure to lower osc 1 out of the mix, otherwise it’s square wave might overpower the second osc sound

For the JX8P “Pain to edit” part:

How to make true PWM on a JX-8P >>> see here (parameters given for a JX-10 are the same on a JX-8P).

The JX8P can do more complex than saw/square oscillators.

With its XMOD it can do:
• (1) Oscillator sync (it can do a pretty good emulation of the Elka Synthex sync patch used by JMJ on “Rendez-vous”).
• (2) AM of DCO2 by DCO1 (see here)
• (3) both simultaneously

>> The editing interface on the JX8P is horrible (dial a parameter number, move the slider)

I don’t share that opinion.

I had been using my JX-8P before I had the opportunity to buy a PG-800, and I found it quite quick and easy to program it from its panel (no menus and sub menus). With practice you remember the numbers of the most useful parameters and you call them without even having to look at the parameter list on the panel.

Of course, with a PG-800 programming is more immediate, in the sense that a programmer allows for tweaking in a more intuitive way without having to think and to plan when sound designing.

But if you can find a mint JX-8P for 250 €, go for it!

P.S. you’ve probably noticed I’m one of those (in)famous keyboardists who own and use a JX-8P

and i found one with case , 1 owner , and a 3 month warranty :stuck_out_tongue:

275 euros 375 canadian , they had it on the floor at the local music store for less than a day

I know its no where in the ballpark sound wise but this thrift store mks-50 I just grabbed killed my ambika lust for the moment.

The MKS-50/Alpha Juno is undervalued in my opinion. You can get a wide range of sounds from these, they’re pretty easy to edit, and they have one of the most flexible and richest single-oscillator designs I’ve ever seen (mixable square and saw, subs, and PWM on the sawtooth as well).

and its awesome 1985 called they want their soundtrack back! lol

didnt i tell you…

you did, but ive been looking for a long time :slight_smile:

this one needs some TLC , the volume slider is very crackly and intermittent , it was OK in teh store, but after a few hours use at home it started acting up :frowning:

also: the audio output jack is a tad loose, and so are teh MIDI in/out jacks , are they just off the shelf parts? Im going to talk to the sales guy atthe store, but they ma try and give me a refund instead of repairing it !id rather keep it

if these are the only issues… go play some 80ies ballads with the piano + strings!

This sound like regular wear due to the age and usage of this baby. As far as i know the jacks should be standard parts in the “newer” Rolands. But the slider may be a challenge, as Roland mostly uses mon-standard sliders…

Well the warranty part is the reason i wanted it , so i have already contacted Roland canada about parts availability, if not il talk to the repair dept at the music store and see what we can figure out, i keep you guys updated!

@FCD dude, you make it sound like i can play! its hard to do it when the sound is popping and crackling like a 1950s radio

@dude 163
c’mon its that easy - play some jazzy chords on a rhodes, double with a bit jx-8p strings and you are in the game. Heres a blueprint to adapt for this concept . . .

lol, I play like a trex!

I got this to work and its cool!


this page has an editor that didnt work, BUT it has a ot of patches in sysex format ( 300+!)


Hey dude,
This one will load your sysex patches. It can run standalone or as vsti in a host.

You might also check the gain switch on the back.
That one can give the crackles to