IEC's don't match pcb/instructions

So I’m assembling the Shruthi Controller board which calls for a 74hc165 and 74hc595 I have a 74hc595n chip but the pcb calls for a 74LS165N chip and the instructions ask for a 74HC165 but what I have is a 74HC165B1 chip which doesn’t match either of those and from what I can infer from the data sheets they are not the same IECs. Can I get some advice? I will have to reorder the 74HC595 chip since I snapped a pin by accident.

The part provided with the kit is correct.

The xx595x are all function compatible in terms of their digital behaviour. The difference between the different versions mostly boils down to which voltages they work with and how fast they are. For the Shruthi it won’t matter which of the types you mentioned is fitted on the board.