Ides - Performer Sequencer, Rings, Stages, Plaits

So I’ve been doing a wee run of patches using the Per|former Sequencer and this is the latest one.

Am really pleased with some of the sounds / timbres on this;
Stages Easter Egg is producing the bell/glock tones
2xRings in 2 op fm is producing the Electric Piano sounds (aided by some drive and tremelo)
Plaits through uDervish is producing the brass sound
Another Plaits is producing the bass


And just for good measure, here is a mangled more Ambient version at c40% speed…

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nice one, that sounds really good! it’s been a long time since i explored the hidden handshake mode on rings, and i’ve been meaning to do it lately… but every time i sit down i get distracted with something else going on in the patch and use the other readily available modes for processing. i think i’ll finally do it tonight.

i’ve got a dervish on the way, sounds like a pitch shifting verb you’re using? can’t wait to try it out.

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Thanks! The 2op FM mode in Rings isnt the Easter Egg, it’s the flashing Green mode…

the uDervish is indeed one of the pitch shifting reverb patches, it added a nice metallic tone which worked nicely.

Very nice BoC-ish vibe going on. I prefer the ambient one, I think.

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I’m enjoying playing with my recently-built Performer, too :slight_smile:

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Yup, me too! :slight_smile: