Idea for a frames expander, technical advice please


I don’t have a Stages myself, so could be off, but wouldn’t you get a precise cv for the Frame input, when gating an individual stage. Of cause multiple gates would give offset values.


That IS pretty brilliant.
Sadly the gates would overlap since you cant set only one gate to be on when triggering them individually. Still ima try that out, sounds like a patch for a cool modulation source


It wouldn’t work because the voltage from Stages’ outputs would fall to 0V whenever the gate/trigger goes off.


I don’t get this at all, I’m afraid.


That makes sense. Maybe throw a Kinks into the mix for S/H


Yeah thats when youre back to the basic patch because attenuating the triggers in shades and s&h to the mix out will give the same results aus using stages except you need another mixer anyway when using stages :grimacing:


Oh, I see… patch the trigger outputs from the Grids (8v?) into 3 channels of a mixer, then sample and hold the mixer output, using the triggers to trigger the hold.

That makes sense, now, but still doesn’t solve the issue of what happens when multiple triggers occur at the same time.

You’d need some kind of logic (on an MCU, probably) to deal with that, either by taking the voltage from the lowest or highest-numbered trigger channel.


Otoh its kinda cool to have a different thing happen when triggers overlap.
Tried this a couple of times with /5 and /3 divisions over quarters and its pretty sweet