IC3109 etc

Hello @ll

I know, that mutable instruments would no more make considerations or make postings for this kind of tuning…

But, there where some infos on the web or does somebody have a manual how i can modd my shruthi-1?

E-mail would also be nice… :wink:


It not a mod, its a different Filter Board that is out of production.

:((((((( Sad… :(((((((

As usual, i’m everytime to late… :`-(

Thanks for the info…

You’re not missing anything :slight_smile:

In my experience with both the IR3109 filter board and the SMR-4 MKII, they both sound almost identical. As said, not missing anything. Also, lowering the value of R33k on the SMR4MKII can make it sound even that much more like the IR3109.

Hi All… Ok :slight_smile:

Well, qp, which value should i change on the SMR4MKII ? :stuck_out_tongue:


@john. I used a 22k. The only drawback is it could cause the self oscillation to overwhelm the sound. It wasn’t too bad on the one I did though.

Hey qp, which number on the board has this thing?

@john, there’s only 1 33k resistor on the board. Not sure of the designation number.