IC3 on Branches

Hi there probably a stupid question. I’m building branches and wondered if the IC3 has the little hole for the direction towards right or left. On the board is not so clear and I can’t read schematics so well to know.

pin1 is on the left side.

ps. This is DIY euro discussion, not allowed here.

one question: is it not allowed or isn’t pichenettes willing answering any questions?
I know the was a posting regarding this (from him) but i cannot find it anymore.
From my point of view it is a slight diferrence.
Please understand i don’t want starting any discussion regarding this, i am just interested.

Just to be clear, 6581punk means specifically, discussion of DIYing Mutable Instruments Eurorack modules.

Olivier (Mr Mutable), quite reasonably, doesn’t want to provide support to people DIYing his modules, and that includes hosting discussions about that on this forum.

That’s my understanding, anyway, and it seems a reasonable position, to me.

We often talk about other, non-MI DIY projects.


I think it’s a case of this site is not free to host and also he doesn’t want to see the posts, “out of sight, out of mind” as the saying goes.


Littel help: when you turn the IC in the direction that you can read the text right, then pin 1 is always at the bottom left (the little hole for the direction is left).

in german: Wenn du das IC in die Richtung drehst, dass du den Text richtig lesen kannst, dann ist Pin 1 immer unten links (kleine Aussparung oder punkt ist immer links).

thanks anyway :slight_smile: