IC2 and IC3 on wrong side of control board. How to proceed?

Accidentally soldered IC2 and IC3 sockets on the wrong side of the control board (and possibly wrong direction). Do I need to unsolder them, or will this work as long as the IC themselves are inserted properly?


you need the mirror version of the chips … think the only chance without desolder is, to bend the pins of the chips “overhead” … nbut desolder is the better way …and it is not very difficult if you destroy the sockets

Bending the legs without breaking one is difficult, not impossible. The chips are cheap luckily.

To be honest: everything else than desoldering is suboptimal. Desoldering with a solder sucker should not be an issue. Even if you break the socket, this is penny crap.

Unless you are very confident at desoldering I would bend the legs. A broken chip is easy to replace and you could repair broken leg by soldering a bit of the ‘leg’ of a resistor on it.
Broken traces due to desoldering can get very messy.

If you decide to desolder, I’d recommend clipping off the socket completely so you can desolder the remaining pins one by one. This will be easier than trying to remove it all at once.

Definitely. With sockets it’s best to pull on the pin and heat up. Often solder runs through the holes to the other side of the board making desoldering difficult.

Ok, thanks for the advice. Cutting up the sockets made it a lot easier.

I destroyed them sockets and desoldered as much as I could. I can get the new sockets ini on the correct side and orientation.

Hopefully I didn’t burn out any of the traces.

Damaged traces are obvious, it’s the pads that so often lift. I wish people would use larger resistor pads as it stops them lifting.

ok you should check the connection and rewire it when needed. But the board from MI have a good quality.