Ic socket backwards

I am building 4Pole mission Filter board and just realized I put the IC9 socket in backwards. Will it still work if I put the IC in bacwards as well.
I dont really want to desolder the whole thing.

@arch Nooo don’t put the chip in backwards that will be a problem put the chip in as it should be aligned with the board… the socket is just a holder.
, just if you ever remove the chip, just don’t forget and make sure you put it back right … I think FCD72 suggested putting little labels on, like “socket wrong way round”.

wow that was fast! thanks kindly Ill label it so I know

sorry I misread your post initially … never turn a chip round the wrong way

ok understood. thanks again

If the socket is in backwards with respect to the board, you should put the IC in backwards with respect to the socket. The orientation of the IC has to always match the board. The notch in the socket doesn’t ‘do’ anything except help you know how the IC should be oriented (because it could cover up the printing on the board). So having the socket in backward doesn’t really do anything except possibly confuse whoever is inserting the IC.

the best thing to do would be to cut out the part that connects the two rows of the socket. that way only the pcb print is visible (to avoid confusion in the future)

…if that’s possible. I have a number of 8-pin sockets with a solid base.