IC pin numbering?

does IC pin numbering start from bottom left to right, then follow top left to right, with the little notch at the left side of the IC?
is there a standard sequence and orientation for pin numbering on all IC’s?
for example the data sheet for the IC6 Coolaudio 2164 says pins are numbered from the bottom left 1-8 and from the top left 9-16.
are all IC’s numbered this way?

Mostly like a U with pin 1 at top left and highest pin at top right.
1 6
2 5
3 4

But always check data sheets.

The notch/circle is the top of the chip. In the 2164 datasheet the chip is on it’s side so your comment about the 1-8 being on the bottom is correct in regards to the diagram only. Notice the circle/notch on the chip and look at it that way and 1-8 down the left side and 9-16 up the right. This standard. You will also notice when looking at different schematics, there are triangles representing ICs and the paths leading i/o are numbered with the ICs respective pins. Usually the unused pins are not labeled.

thank you! this clarifies everything. thanks for the update.