IC 6 on smr board

Hello at all. On the smr, ic 6 is listed tl074 in the bom but there is written tl084 on the board. No problem here?

lacking a magnifying glass i use my iPhones camera macro mode…

Those parts are very similar. The circuit can work with any quad op-amp.

the tl074 is supposed to be less noisy, so it’s probably a better choice than a tl084.

but the TL084 is a little bit better for CV, versus audio

I can deliver TL094s, polished with virgin fairies pubic hair at full moon, that work even better…

As pichenettes said, here any quad op-amp will do, and i guess even in the audio path none of us could actually hear the difference. Heck, most of us couldnt even see it as tiny its imprinted :wink:

sorry… i just wanted to say something ultra clever

thanks! all my board are now done, just tuning to do, not only one prob this time it’s good!
By the way, in order to tune, i use a soft you can download for free demo which is very helpful, “chromatic tuner” thanks at all
by the way, as my red on black lcd was very dfark, i change the resistor value from 68 to 57, but there is any difference…

Change to 10 ohm or 6.8 ohm if you want to see a more drastic change. But some LCDs have a built-on current limiting resistor…


can you see the difference between a 074 and a 084 ? i cant and even worse there is no bigger iMac - i need glasses

no i can’t of course. i always trust my supplier 100%

normally i do also - but recently a box of chips dropped to the floor… why dont they use color coded plastic: pink for 74xxx, orange for opamps, cyan for optos, white for ATmegas…

Hey flo!

To choose the right resistor for your LCD, look into the specs, then calculate. See this thread

ouch! sounds like work!
but seriously i wear glasses, if not i don’t see shit. but additionally when checking chips i usually use a magnifying glass and a strong light bulb.

A magnifying glass is a DIYers best friend, I find.