I’ve always wondered…

…why I’ve never came across an Alpha Juno 1 or 2 where those ugly 80s membrane buttons had broken down.

So, today I had to open one up to replace the backlight panel. It was a bit dusty inside, so I decided to take it apart for a good cleaning. Guess what I found?

Wait what? Looks like pretty high-quality sealed mechanical buttons to me.

Turns out Roland actually faked those membrane buttons to make the Alpha Juno look all cool and contemporary!

The Kawai K3 is like that too. A membrane panel with actual buttons under it…the Chroma Polaris I have was not so lucky.

Oberheim Matrix 6 was like that too.

I haven’t used an Alpha Juno for many years, and never thought about it at the time, but in retrospect, the buttons always did click, in a decidedly un-membrane-like way, so that makes a lot of sense.


Roland always used real buttons. Only the Chroma, DX, and Source suffer from real membrane technology. Ok, also the Speak n’ series.

Casio CZ1000 uses membrane whereas the 101 uses buttons. A silly swap around, they saved money on the interface to improve the keyboard.

I am now considering a Alpha Juno button caps mod…