I sell Ambika "Pioneers" PCB and programmed ATMega. "SOLD"

Lack of time right now, I sell:
1 x Ambika MotherBoard PCB
4 x Ambika SVF VoiceCard PCB.
1x Programmed ATMega644p
4 x Programmed ATMega328p

Price = 180€ for all without shipping.

Philippe, from Paris.


Price = 180€ for all without shipping.

are the instructions and BOM somewhere i can access?


But don’t expect step by step instructions on inserting resistors etc. You have to read the boards and then insert the correct part.

Ahh ok, I think ill wait for the kits then, thanks 6581

Shipping to lyon ? how much ?

Shipping to Lyon = 10€
mac at mary.fr pour plus d’info en Français.