I Remember Every Time You Have Killed Me


I keep surprising myself by thinking that I can’t scrape any further down, yet week in, week out, I seem to manage to find a way to feel worse about myself. At least I got upset enough today to be able to channel something.

Rings x2, Warps, Braids, Plaits, Ripples, Blinds, Marbles, Stages and Peaks with QR2, 3 Sisters, uVCF and Batumi.



Thank you for continuing to share both your thoughts and your sounds. I am sorry to hear of the struggles you currently face.

Your work moves and inspires me. For that, I send my deepest appreciation.



That was a perfect trippy jam.


It’s really beautiful !
Would you mind giving details on your setup ?

I feel truly sorry for your mind. You got to find help, dear, you can’t just keep degrading till it’s too late !